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DOWNLOAD TANGO VIDEO CALLS. TANGO is a free program to make free video calls between mobile cellular devices (Iphone Whether or use Android as Samsung, LG, Nokia, etc.) between PCs and tablets, all together Tablets PC-Telephone-here you can download this application fast and free with no records, you can also participate in the forums without registering, welcome to the world of visual communication VideoCalls Tango (Video calls).

Download Tango Video Calls for Android.

Download Tango Video Calls for Windows PC.

What is Tango Video Calls?

Tango video calls is a free video calls between phone-PC-Tablets-Iphones, etc, to other users who also have Tango Video Calls installed on your phone-PC-tablet …

The program works via 3G-WiFi from your smartphone, tablet PC or completely free of charge when using WiFi and consume your data Megas flat rate Internet when you connect through your Internet operator (3G/4G data).

The biggest advantage of Tango video calls with its competitors is that we can communicate by Tango between Android phones (Samsung, LG, etc) and IOS phones (iPhone) and not just the phones but we can connect between phone and tablet PC or phone.

To download the latest versions for Android and PC click on the links above. Enjoy it! and best of all it’s free!.

The program is proven to work, so yes, your wireless or data rate must be at a good speed, however a matter of trying different friends and different networks either WIFI or 3G …
Many people find it works even better than SKYPE! and much faster to install and configure!

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